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Peter Pan Spotlight

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up

Since its debut in 1904, Peter Pan has captivated audiences with its enchanting mix of pirates, mermaids, fairies, and the timeless theme of never growing up. Over a century later, the play continues to shine in the spotlight, inspiring numerous adaptations. At Wilkes Playmakers, we embrace this fantasy with our own unique performance.

Off to Neverland

Upon entering the auditorium, guests are greeted by fantastical paintings on the stage, each depicting scenes from the show. Throughout the performance, audiences are immersed in meticulously crafted sets, from a cozy nursery to a mysterious cave, a sparkling lagoon, and a formidable pirate ship.

The portrayal of the Darling family showcases a loving household with an unconventional nanny. Mr. and Mrs. Darling's affection for their children is palpable as they tuck them into bed.

Unexpectedly, Peter Pan sweeps in to whisk the young Darlings away to Neverland. Motivated by a desire to hear the end of a story, Peter persuades Wendy and the boys to join him in Neverland, where Wendy can become a mother figure to the lost boys. The boys themselves are depicted as a lively, albeit somewhat lonely, group yearning for maternal care.

Captain Hook commands the stage with his crew of pirates, embodying the quintessential antagonist that audiences love to hate. Despite his villainous nature, there's an undeniable charm in rooting for him against the relentless ticking crocodile.

Acknowledging past criticisms regarding certain characters, our director reimagined the Native American characters as warrior girls, portraying them as strong and independent figures.


The inspiration behind Peter Pan lies in the Llewelyn Davies family. J.M. Barrie often regaled the five Davies boys with tales of pirates, flying boys, mermaids, and fairies, laying the foundation for the beloved story.

In a gesture of generosity, Barrie bestowed the copyright to Peter Pan upon Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London in April 1929. To this day, the hospital continues to receive royalties from performances of the play, benefiting countless children in need.


As Peter Pan famously reminds us, all you need is faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust!

What is your favorite childhood story?

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