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Volunteer Opportunities

Come be part of something BIG!  Check out these fun and rewarding volunteer opportunities with Wilkes Playmakers! 


Stage Performance:   Audition for a part in one of our upcoming shows.

Stage Crew and Tech:  Help construct sets, organize props and costumes, assist with scene changes during performances, operate light and sound boards.  

Box Office:  Help coordinate the sale and reservation of tickets for performances and events.

House Attendants:   Be an usher, sell concessions, take up tickets, and prepare our auditorium for audiences.


Fundraising:  Help plan and organize fundraisers. 


Marketing:  Assist in creating marketing materials, maintaining social media pages, and distributing advertisements.


Play Production:  Ensure all cast and crew receive necessary support before, during, and after each performance.


Play Selection:  Explore various ideas and scripts for upcoming show suggestions. 


Theatre Education:  Help plan and implement theatre education programs.


Building Oversight:  Assist in ensuring the building is maintained properly.

Financial:  Help prepare budgets for upcoming seasons, events, etc. 


To volunteer, email

or leave your contact info here! 

Volunteer Links

FIRST, sign up for our volunteer program to find opportunities to volunteer and track your hours!

AFTER signing up, use this link to log in to see your schedule and register for events.

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