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Flex Tickets (previously Season Pass)

Colored Theatre Lights

Introducing our new
Flex Tickets

A new program that is revolutionizing the way you experience our productions!  Say goodbye to the traditional season pass and embrace the more flexible, convenient, and rewarding way to enjoy theatre.



Enjoy flexibility in choosing what you want to see.  Want to see all the shows? Great!  Only interested in the certain shows? Fine!  You can use your flex tickets at any Mainstage or Blackbox show.  You can even see a show more than once!


Want to bring a friend along but they can't get a ticket?  That's ok!  Share one of your Flex Tickets and bring them along!  Theatre is meant to be shared and we want everyone to be able to enjoy it! 


Who doesn't love a discount?  In purchasing a Flex Ticket package, you can save up to 20% on tickets!

Flex Ticket Packages

At Wilkes Playmakers, we are dedicated to providing high-quality theater productions to our audience. With our newly updated season pass system, gone are the days of being locked into only one show per pass. Now, with Flex Tickets, our audience has the freedom to choose the productions they want to see, allowing for a more customized theatrical experience. We offer a wide range of plays and musicals for all ages and tastes, so there is something for everyone to enjoy!

6 Flex Tickets

Save 10%

Adult: $81
Senior: $54
Student: $65

8 Flex Tickets

Save 13%

Adult: $104
Senior: $70
Student: $84

10 Flex Tickets

Save 17%

Adult: $125
Senior: $83
Student: $100

12 Flex Tickets

Save 20%

Adult: $144
Senior: $96
Student: $115

Want even more benefits and discounts?

Check out our new
Membership program!


Flex Tickets

How long will my Flex Tickets be valid?

Our Flex Tickets are valid for one year after purchase.  They are not tied to a season, meaning you can purchase Flex Tickets in the middle of a season and still get full use of them.

How do I redeem my Flex Tickets?

Trade your Flex Ticket at box office for a show ticket on the day of a show!  To avoid possible sell outs, you can email or call 336-838-7529 to reserve your ticket(s).  Email is the best form of communication.  You must still have the physical Flex Ticket to redeem your reserved ticket at box office.

What if I lose my Flex Tickets?

Unfortunately, Flex Tickets cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.  They must be given to box office to receive your show ticket.  Please treat your Flex Tickets like cash and keep in a safe space.

Can anyone use my Flex Tickets or just me?

You are welcome to share your flex tickets with a friend!  However, we do ask that you be mindful of the type of ticket.  For example, an adult cannot use a student or senior flex ticket.

Can I use more than one Flex Ticket at a show?

Yes!  You can use one or more tickets at any Mainstage or Black Box show.  You can even come back to see a show again if you loved it!  Each viewing/person will redeem one flex ticket.

Additional Questions

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