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Golden Autumn Players

The Golden Autumn Players (GAP) are a group of Playmakers who have a desire to perform without the requirements of weeks-long rehearsals and line memorization. This group of senior citizens has performed in a variety of settings and focuses on community outreach, with hopes to continue bringing the arts to those who may not be able to go to the Theatre. While many performances are in private settings, they also offer many chances to see their public performances! 


The Golden Autumn Players welcomes your participation either as audience, or prospective members.  We are busy seniors with a history of acting  and the gusto to continue performing for others.  But the big bonus, we don’t agonize over memorization .  Join us for a romantic and comic interlude.

Admission is donation based.

Recent Performances

My Mountain Duchess.jpg


On a rainy night, a flower seller was overheard speaking to another vendor by  two gentlemen, who made a bet that one of them could raise the flower seller to a flower shop manager if only she would consent to learn to "enunciate and articulate" her language.  She, Eliza, overhears the bet and takes them up on it.  Over the next few weeks, she does just what he suggests, and finds herself mixing in upper class teas and picnics, and requests her own flower shop!  She's  moving out!  The gentlemen are caught.  But they've become "accustomed to her face!"

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 1.33.35 PM.png

Left to right (standing) Jeff Smith, David Kerley, Lori Burke, Bill Hurd (sitting) Margo Hurd, Cyndee Smith and Linda Schneider.  (photo by Janina Shoemaker)

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