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Home Is Where the Heart Is: A Look at Benton Hall

Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking with Keith Martin with Carolina Mountain Life magazine. He had heard of the history of Wilkes Playmakers and Benton Hall and wanted to know more for an article. He was such a fun person to talk to and there could not have been a better person to share the love we have for our home.

See the article below!

The Carolina Mountain Life magazine has been in circulation for 27 years and showcases stories of our communities, people, local businesses, and so much more! They have their complete magazine on their website:

You can also find a physical copy at the Northwest North Carolina Visitor Center located off of highway 421, which if you haven't been, you are in for a treat! They have local art on display, wonderful views, and even hiking trails! It really is a treasure for Wilkes County.

Speaking of treasure, I have learned that there are lots of people who still don't know what we do or where we are! It surprises me to know there are people who don't have a clue of the treasure of community theatre in their own hometown. With that being said, we need your help to spread the word!

Since Benton Hall started as a school, here is your assignment!

  1. Share this blog post and tag us on social media.

    1. Facebook: @WilkesPlaymakers

    2. Instagram: Wilkes.Playmakers

  2. Comment on this post and share your favorite memory in Benton Hall, whether that be on stage, in the audience, or even while you were a student here!

If you complete these tasks by May 19st, you will be entered for a chance to win 4 flex tickets! See more information about our Flex Tickets here: Flex Tickets

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