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Curtain Fundraiser

A major wish-list item for us is a new curtain. We’ve tried a few different fundraisers for it, but haven’t been able to raise enough money for it so far. The one we have is probably 20+ years old and has been through a lot :) We realize that the curtain may not seem like a priority, but to us it symbolizes so much. When the curtain is closed, the audience sees but a small portion of the set, just enough to generate the first buzz of excitement and a wonder at what could be behind the curtains. Upon opening, it reveals the hidden wonder of a beautifully built stage and draws the audience even further into the performance. Due to the condition of our curtain, we try to avoid using it right now so we don’t cause further issues.

A good quality stage curtain can be expensive, which is why we have set the goal at $5,000.

Latest Update!

We raised enough money to replace the curtain, and as of 12/28/21 the new curtain has been installed! We are still selling pieces of the old curtain and any funds raised will be used toward our next fundraising goal which is to begin replacing some of our lighting equipment. 

We have several ways you can contribute!

Paypal: Send payment via paypal to

Mail: Send a check to Wilkes Playmakers PO Box 397 North Wilkesboro, NC 28659


You can purchase a piece of the old curtain to keep as a memento! 

Use the link below to place an order. 

Please note the lead time on orders will depend on when the curtain is replaced. 

Your purchase will help cover the cost of the new curtain. 

Each purchase will include a special note and picture. 

Preview of embroidered image will be available soon!

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