Theatre Education

“Arts education isn’t something we add on after we’ve achieved other priorities like raising test scores and getting kids into college. It’s actually critical for achieving those priorities in the first place."
                                                                                                            ~ Michelle Obama, First Lady (2008-2016)


Wilkes Playmakers offers theatre education classes for all ages and skill levels.    A variety of flexible payment options are available including tuition assistance. 

We are currently offering our Spring Workshops

Process & Methods of Directing in Community Theatre:   From Pre-Auditions to Final Curtain 

March 12, 2022 9:00am - 3:30PM

Instructor: Paula Joines

This is the 3 rd in a series of 5 workshops presented by Wilkes Playmakers during the spring of 2022 at
Benton Hall. Topics will include steps in the directing process including script choice, script analysis,
envisioning the show, effective auditions, scheduling rehearsals for maximum efficiency, the four
basic phases of rehearsals (blocking, working, polishing, dress) , creating stage pictures, giving and
receiving feedback with actors and crews, working with production teams and addressing the unique
characteristics of all-volunteer community theatre. This workshop is intended for ages 16 and up.

Creativity and the Visual Arts in Theatre:  Basics of Scenic Artistry and Prop-Making

Instructors: Olivia Palmer and Destiny Smith

March 19, 2022 9:00am-3:30PM

Topics will include script analysis, creating a vision for the show, researching periods and
styles, the buy/borrow/build decision, exploring painting techniques and materials used to build
props, safe use and storage of stage weaponry. Participants will actively paint a section of set flat and
create a small prop during workshop. Participants are asked to wear clothing they don’t mind getting
messy. This workshop is intended for ages 14 (or high school freshman) and up.

Lighting the Stage:  Intro to Theatrical Lighting Design, Programming and Operation

Instructor: Jacob Reeves

April 9, 2022 9:00am-3:30PM

Topics will include script analysis, creating mood/atmosphere/focus with lighting,
protecting yourself and your equipment, understanding and safely using the power trail of your
system, types of lighting instruments and their different functions, the components of a lighting
instrument, safely hanging and focusing instruments, creating a lighting cue and programming into the
lightboard and how to do basic troubleshooting. This workshop is intended for ages 16 and up.